Photo Activity


Light 1: Outside

TommyHuffLight 2 – Inside

Light 2: Inside


Focus 1: Foreground


Focus 2: Background

TommyHuffComposition 1 – Thirds

Composition 1: Thirds

TommyHuffComposition 2 – Lead Room

Composition 2: Lead Room

I just mostly took pics of things in my apartment. Besides the outside one. I probably should’ve cleaned up but eh whatever. I didn’t have time to check out a camera for a few hours only so I had to use a cell phone camera. However, the focus pictures are done with a little better camera. I’ve also used Photoshop in the past but not too much of it. The things we had to do in this were all pretty new to me.

I wish I had some lights or something because the light in my apartment isn’t the best. Heck even with the outside pic the weather has been cloudy. I tried to get the sky though regardless. I’m sure these would be better with a better camera but I did what I could.

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