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My name is Tommy Huff. I'm currently attending the Walt Disneyworld College program with my beautiful wife.

Final Blog 7


So, I  have finished my project. It wasn’t the original idea I had but hey that happens sometimes. I do feel a little bad that it did not receive the amount of love I was going to give the one but hey I think it turned out fine. It’s a little silly but I think it’s entertaining but then again what I think is funny greatly differs from most people in this school.

Blog 6

I have almost all the info I need for the final project. I need to get at least another interview and that’s happening tomorrow. The idea was not my original but hey that’s how these things go sometimes. Anywho, we are on the final leg of things and hopefully, it passes off well enough. I’m now doing it on my roommate and his lack of interaction with people and his gaming addiction.


Blog 4

So, I can’t get this owner of the shop to talk with me. I tried going over there but when I went he wasn’t there and it was an employee. The guy working the counter said he should be back in a few days so we’ll try again at that point. Hopefully, it’s soon because time is running out. Yeah, kind of lame but I guess that’s how these things work sometimes.

Doc Blog 3

I haven’t done anything new since the last time. I do have some phone numbers from people in the class that could happen but I guess it’s on me to make sure it does happen. So, currently, that’s where I’m at. Not terribly exciting but that’s what I know. Not much of a paragraph either.

I don’t have a picture.

Blog 2


I don’t have an actual production picture. So, I do have the official ok to film at the game store. Though I will admit hr had a hard time saying yes. He did say yes don’t get me wrong but for a simple yes or no answer it took him a few minutes to get to it. So, at this point, I need to start getting things rolling. Two guys in class said they can help out but as it stands I don’t have a game plan. So, that’s what I know.

Blog Post 1


Since filming hasn’t started yet I just had to steal this picture from the internet. This is the actual store, though. My documentary will be based on what these guys are doing. I’d like to just kind of dive a little bit into games like Magic, Dungeons and Dragons, and Warhammer. This isn’t to promote but if people are interested in these games then more power to them.  14650287_1223879114353315_3567093051425715891_n.jpg

P9 Portfolio

  • Portfolio (
  • Project Corrections / Time spent: Not much. Like ten minutes.
  • Message: My several projects I’ve done in class.
  • Audience: BYUI students or people the like the same thing I do.
  • Top Thing Learned: How to use Scribd
  • Future application of Visual Media: Since I’m a video student I will use the skills of making things symmetrical for my shots. Make things more balanced in shot and add more variety.
  • Color scheme and color names: Green and a golden yellow
  • Title Font Name & Category: Franklin Bold
  • Copy Font Name & Category: Franklin Medium
  • Thumbnails of Images used: Plants-Background-Template
  • Sources (Links to images on original websites / with title of site):