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Somethings that are very important to me are creativity as well as flexibility or an open-mindedness. It’s important to have a vision, to visualize what one wants, but then to also be able to take a step back and be open-minded about the best way to realize that vision. I studied film at Mount Hood Community College and graduated with an Associate’s in video production. I attended Brigham Young University Idaho and received my Bachelor’s in Communications with a focus on video production. I hope to be able to communicate and to tell my thoughts through film, photography, and other media art forms. As I mentioned above, creativity has always been important to me. During my studies, I have worked on short films, directed and written, and planned them. I have also learned skills of delegation and understand that a team gets the job done. I understand a job needs to be done, but I want to enjoy it, and I want my co-workers to enjoy it as well. I want our projects to be something we can be proud of. I am enthusiastic about my work. I feel a sense of pride when a goal is met. I feel pride because a plan was set forth and a vision was realized. I also feel pride because I am doing what I love, and that is sharing an experience or an emotion through visual storytelling. I feel that whatever the project or goal is, everyone’s voice can and should be heard.

I like to identify myself as an individual. I’m an individual who loves to delve himself into the world of brave knights, powerful wizards, deadly mazes, and ferocious monsters in Dungeons and Dragons. I’m an individual who has a love for the gruff Italian Spaghetti Western where Clint Eastwood, Lee Van Cleef, and Eli Wallach square off but the same love for the bright colorful Indian Bollywood movies where Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol fall in love in dance. I’m an individual who puts Harry Chapin’s “A Better Place to be” and Pagliacci’s “Vesti le Giubba” on the same playlist. I’m an individual who has an extensive t-shirt collection of things so obscure that only true fans get them. I’m an individual who actively searches eBay for the missing sets of a Fisher Prices series of my childhood. Finally, I’m an individual who knows what he is and is ok with it.


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